Thursday, July 26, 2007
Toyota Hybrid Car Certified in Japan

The Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) revealed two new hybrid cars in Japan on a road test. The Japanese car maker said that this will be the first ever hybrid car developed by TMC for public roads in Japan.

The new car is named the TOYOTA Plug-in HV. This new car is citified by Japan for public road use. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport approved the new car. The Plug-in HV is also powered by a gasoline engine and electric motor. The new batteries installed on the new car can be charged using home electricity. The battery is also used only for short distance travels even if it is fully charged.

The new car will more likely run on electricity rather than gasoline because of its capacity to travel only short distances. This will result to a real time fuel efficiency with reduced Co2 emissions. This does not only save you from spending much on gasoline but it will also produce gases which are harmless to our environment. The battery charging only lasts for 1 hour. This is less time consuming - plus, it also helps you save your buck which you might have spent on gasoline.

The Japanese auto maker is also planning to bring the new hybrid car for a road test in both US and Europe. Meanwhile, check the specifications of the new hybrid car from Toyota.

Main Specifications of Toyota Plug-in HV

  • Vehicle Name: TOYOTA Plug-in HV
  • Length: 4,445mm
  • Width: 1,725mm
  • Height: 1,490mm
  • Weight 1,360kg
  • Seating capacity: 5 persons
  • Performance in electric vehicle mode Cruising range: 13km in the 10-15 Japanese test cycle
  • Maximum vehicle speed: 100km/h
  • Engine Displacement: 1,496cc
  • Maximum output: 56kW (76PS) / 5,000rpm
  • Maximum torque: 110N-m (11.2kg-m) / 4,000rpm
  • Motor Type: AC synchronous motor
  • Maximum output: 50kW (68PS) / 1,200 - 1,540rpm
  • Maximum torque: 400N-m(40.8kg-m) / 0 - 1,200rpm
  • Secondary battery Type: Nickel-metal hydride
  • Capacity: 13Ah (6.5Ah x 2)
  • Rated voltage: 202V
  • Overall system Maximum output: 100kW (136PS)
  • Voltage: 202 - 500V
  • Battery charging Power source: Household electrical power
  • Charging time: 1 - 1.5hrs (200V), 3 - 4hrs (100V)

*Based on TMC calculations; output that the system can achieve using engine power and electric motor power (electric motor power is dependent on battery power)

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