Friday, August 24, 2007
The Cheapest

Have you chosen which car out of the three most expensive cars you will buy? If not, I'm going to suggest one car that I think you would really like if you are not really a billionaire and is cash strapped but wanting to own a car. This car though would have to be imported as I don't think it will be released in the country any time soon. This is because the car is designed and will be mass produced by an Indian automaker. This automaker is rumored to be interested in the acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover and it is interesting to see its lineup pairing a Jaguar with the world's cheapest car.

The automaker I'm talking about is Tata Motors. The company is India's fourth largest automaker and it can be the largest if its new car in development becomes a success. The company is looking to take advantage of the growing middle class families by offering a car that is cheap. Cheap in the sense that it is the lowest priced automobile in the world and not a trashy car. The Rs One Lakh which is actually the price of the car. That price is 100,000 rupees or about $2,500. So if you are planning to buy a Veyron, you can just buy many units of this car instead.

The conditions in the Indian auto market are very good for the arrival of the Rs One Lakh. According to MSNBC, for every one thousand people in India, only eight owns a car. And with the economy of the country picking up, it is expected that the number of Indians owning cars will increase in the very near future. Especially if the Rs One Lakh is a good car. Compared to the United States where 750 person out of a thousand owns a car, India is considered by many as an automaker's paradise. No surprise automakers like Nissan, Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Ford, Renault, and Volkswagen just to name a few has already started expanding their operation in the said Asian country.

Manishi Raychaudhuri, a UBS analyst has this to say about the world's cheapest car. "The potential for that car to sell in large numbers is huge. In India, the penetration of four-wheelers is very low. So naturally there's some status attached to having a real car — it's kind of a showpiece."

Reports have it that Tata Motors is planning not only to market the Rs One Lakh in India but in other Asian countries as well.
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