Monday, September 24, 2007
Girl’s Hottest Cars by is not only giving updates about men but also giving out news about women as well. Just like when they revealed the top ten chick cars on their official website. These cars are said to be the hottest cars in the market that most women find interesting. Years ago, there basically were no cars considered to be chick-y enough but it was since the Cadillac started to eliminate the features of the car that were not suitable for women. And then the other car makers followed to make women-friendly cars. And these modern cars are the top ten cars of women. These cars received lots of votes from the women who visit

Here are the top ten cars for women as released on’s Official Website. Here they are:

10. Mini Cooper Cabriolet
9. Pontiac G6
8. Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor
7. Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible
6. Chevrolet Suburban
5. BMW X3
4. Acura RSX
3. VW Eos
2. Toyota RAV4
1. Dodge Neon

The Mini Cooper Cabriolet captures the top ten notch on the list. It was followed by the Pontiac G6 on the ninth spot making the Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor cover the eighth spot. On the seven notch lands the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible following the sixth placer Chevrolet Suburban.

On the fifth rank was BMW X3 following the Acura RSX on the fourth rank. The third place went to VW Eos making the Toyota RAV4 reach the second spot on the list.

And the Girl’s Hottest Car goes to the Dodge Neon which was found on the top of the list. It first appeared in the market in 1994. Only chicks will be amazed by a car with a rear view mirror and has the capability to handle 70 pounds or even a little greater. Without the hyper SRT edition, the car was labeled as a chick car. The design should be accounted to the engineers behind it which includes a Mr. Flintsone and a Mr. Rubble.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Smaller Cars, Bigger Features

Gas price inflation was a blessing in disguise for automakers that manufacture small and fuel-efficient cars. And the auto trend is likely to continue. This is because inflation is likely to linger.

Another part of the small car trend is environment concerns. But the crucial part is the small cars’ big features. Uh-huh. Big things may come in small packages. has this list of exceptional small cars:

Toyota Yaris ($11,150 to $14,250):
Look no further, if you want good fuel economy (34 city, 40 highway), reliability and style on a budget. The Yaris comes in two basic model styles: a 2-door with a hatchback, and a 4-door sedan.

Toyota Corolla ($14,305 to $16,315):
The bulletproof Corolla comes with a higher level of standard equipment than the Yaris and feels like a more substantial vehicle. It is.

Honda Civic ($14,810 to $24,350):
Honda boasts that it offers the most fuel-efficient lineup of cars on the planet. If that's so, the Civic can take a lot of the credit. Even with an automatic transmission, the gasoline-powered Civic gets 40 mpg on the highway. A hybrid version hits 51 mpg.

Honda Fit ($13,850 to $15,970):
A half-step below Civic in size, price and utility is the new Fit. One of Fit's strengths is how well it does divvying up space between front seats, back seats and cargo bay. It delivers excellent fuel economy in the mid-to-upper 30 mpg range.

Nissan Versa ($12,550 to $15,550):
Advertisements for the Versa stress that it is one small car that doesn't make its occupants feel squeezed. Engineers have done a good job of squeezing the fat out of the design, not its occupants.

Mazda 3 ($13,795 to $23,955):
Mazda enjoys a sportier image than some of its competitors. But the 3 compact also offers good driving dynamics, an engaging interior design and build quality that will keep an owner admiring the purchase long after the loan is paid off. Fuel economy could be a bit better for a vehicle this size, but there is an inevitable trade-off for all that "zoom-zoom."

Ford Focus ($13,480 to $17,550):
Not as much fun as its cousin, the Mazda 3, the Focus still has a loyal following. The 2007 model is the last in a line of vehicles that have been around, with few changes, since 2000.

Toyota Prius ($22,175 to $23,070):
Though the Prius is classified as a compact car, this environmentally friendly hybrid feels like it is in a class by itself. It's not fast, doesn't handle all that well, could be roomier and more comfortable, and its looks are an acquired taste. But there is no arguing with Prius' fuel-saving benefits for the planet, as well as your wallet.

Mini Cooper ($18,050 to $25,400):
The Mini Cooper is a compact car with 40 mpg fuel economy, more style per square inch than any car in the industry, and a fun-to-drive quotient that will leave you with a permanent grin plastered to your face.

Take your pick. Indulge.

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Monday, September 17, 2007
MotorTrend’s Top Ten Non-American Cars
MotorTrend recently released its list of the the top ten cars at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show which cannot be available in the US car market. I took the list from their official website to bring them to you. Here is MotorTrend’s Top Ten Non-American Cars. Check it out.

10. Suzuki Swift
9. Mazda2
8. Fiat 500
7. Mercedes-Benz GL420 CDI
6. Peugeot 207 RC and Clio Renaultsport 197
5. Honda Civic Type R
4. Ford Kuga
3. BMW M5 Wagon
2. Artega GT
1. Audi RS 6 Avant

The tenth spot belongs to the Suzuki Swift which came all the way to Japan to show off its skin and design to the viewers of the recently opened 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. It was followed by another Japanese car model, the Mazda2, which takes the ninth spot on the list. The Fiat 500 is a full pledge European car that was found on the eighth spot on the list.

The Mercedes-Benz GL420 CDI landed on seventh rank and the Peugeot 207 RC and Clio Renaultsport 197 placed sixth. The Honda Civic Type R, also a Japanese car brand, owned the fifth spot thus making way for the Ford Kuga, the most famous car production model on the show, to take the fourth notch.

The BMW M5 Wagon got into the third spot making the Artega GT land on the second spot. And the one that tops the list is the Audi RS 6 Avant.

These cars are only made for the European car market but the makers are still looking forward to making all of them available in other car markets as well including the US. These cars are on the list since the makers do not have plans on selling it in the US car market.

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Monday, September 3, 2007
Comfort from 2009 Dodge Journey

I have seen the 2009 Dodge Journey recently and it quite caught my attention - most especially by its interior features. Some may think it is cheap and very usual. But personally, I could see that behind its simplicity is the comfort and ease that I could scarcely find in most vehicles nowasays. It has been designed for those who love carrying sorts of stuff for travel. As I could see, the storage is impressive and the seats are spacious.

Seating and Storage
  • Standard Five-passenger Seating with Available 5+2 Seating provides flexible seating and cargo capability
  • Available Occasional Use, 5+2, 50/50-split Third-row Seat with Recline feature folds flat for added cargo space when not in use
  • 90-degree Rear Door Openings make it easier to load and install child safety seats and provides access the available 5+2 seating
  • Fold-flat Front Seat with Flip 'N Stow provides storage under the seat cushion and a table-like surface when folded flat for added cargo flexibility. The seat cushion flips forward to reveal a 10.75 x 8.75-inch (273 x 222 mm) bin. The cushion can remain in the forward position to prevent items from sliding onto the floor
  • Two Second-row In-floor Storage Bins located in the floor behind the front row seats are designed to hold 12, 12-oz. (330 ml) cans plus ice or other items conveniently out of sight. The bins feature latching lids and removable, washable liners for added convenience
  • Stadium Tip 'N Slide Seat provides easy entry to the third row with one-hand, one-motion operation
  • Tri-fold Load Floor located behind the second-row seats provides a hidden storage compartment for added utility. The load floor is reversible and configures into a "grocery bag" position. The primary side of the folding panel is carpeted for durability
  • Rear In-floor Storage Bin for 5+2 Passenger Vehicles includes a hidden storage bin behind the third-row seat. For added utility, a door in the bottom of the bin provides access to the tool and jack storage compartment
  • Child Presentation Feature allows the driver to attend to a small child in the second-row seat when the vehicle is stationary
  • Available Child Booster Seats for children 4 foot 9 inches (1.45 m) tall and between 48 lbs. (22 kg) and 85 lbs. (39 kg), raises the child into the adult belted zone
  • Activity Center in second row seatback folds forward to provide two cup holders and a bin for storage of small electronics, snacks, crayons or other small items
  • Sunglass Bin with Child Observation Mirror features convex glass for a wide field of view that allows the driver and front passenger to conveniently view the rear occupants
  • Sliding Center Arm Rest moves forward 3 inches (76 mm) for driver comfort
  • Available Heated Front Seats with Leather or Premium Cloth enhance the comfort of the driver and front passenger (segment exclusive in North America)
  • Molded Map Pockets with Bottle Holders in all four doors enhance storage and convenience
That is just for the interior. You could find other more features of the 2009 Dodge Journey from And to see it closely, be at the Frankfurt Auto Show for it shall be on display.

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