Monday, September 17, 2007
MotorTrend’s Top Ten Non-American Cars
MotorTrend recently released its list of the the top ten cars at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show which cannot be available in the US car market. I took the list from their official website to bring them to you. Here is MotorTrend’s Top Ten Non-American Cars. Check it out.

10. Suzuki Swift
9. Mazda2
8. Fiat 500
7. Mercedes-Benz GL420 CDI
6. Peugeot 207 RC and Clio Renaultsport 197
5. Honda Civic Type R
4. Ford Kuga
3. BMW M5 Wagon
2. Artega GT
1. Audi RS 6 Avant

The tenth spot belongs to the Suzuki Swift which came all the way to Japan to show off its skin and design to the viewers of the recently opened 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. It was followed by another Japanese car model, the Mazda2, which takes the ninth spot on the list. The Fiat 500 is a full pledge European car that was found on the eighth spot on the list.

The Mercedes-Benz GL420 CDI landed on seventh rank and the Peugeot 207 RC and Clio Renaultsport 197 placed sixth. The Honda Civic Type R, also a Japanese car brand, owned the fifth spot thus making way for the Ford Kuga, the most famous car production model on the show, to take the fourth notch.

The BMW M5 Wagon got into the third spot making the Artega GT land on the second spot. And the one that tops the list is the Audi RS 6 Avant.

These cars are only made for the European car market but the makers are still looking forward to making all of them available in other car markets as well including the US. These cars are on the list since the makers do not have plans on selling it in the US car market.

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