Tuesday, December 4, 2007
Family Cars: More Dangerous Than 4WDs When Reversing
You read it right. Compared to 4WDs, your car could put your family in much danger…

According to the recent NRMA test, family sedans are more dangerous than four-wheel drives when reversing. One child is run over in their driveway every week, accounting for about 10% of all child pedestrian deaths and injuries, said the leading insurance, motoring and travel firm. The insurer today released the findings of its "visibility index'' to highlight child pedestrian deaths.

The NRMA conducted tests on sedans and 4WDs, including those fitted with reversing cameras on their rear vision, according to a News.com.au report.

Pam Leicester, NRMA spokeswoman, said 7 luxury 4WDs fitted with the cameras scored 5 stars. But 3 out of 4 of the most popular family sedans, without the cameras, received a 0 star rating on the index.

"This is a real concern because many of these vehicles have hazardous reversing blind areas, usually caused by high rear window lines and boots,'' Leicester said.

She urged automakers to install reversing cameras on all cars. "Manufacturers installing display screens for audio, GPS and air-conditioning systems can add a reversing camera for minimal cost,'' she said. "That's why we urge manufacturers to offer reversing cameras as standard equipment to help keep small children safe.''

Leicester told ABC Online the automakers have been quick to place life-saving rear cameras in their top-end cars but not in their family sedans. She added it only costs a few dollars for a camera to be installed during a car's manufacture.

"People wouldn't be aware that it affects sedans as much as it does large vehicles, such as four-wheel drives," she concluded. "It's really about design, so it's got to do with the seating position of the driver. In sedans, that's sometimes quite low combined with a high rear-boot line, so that makes it extremely difficult to see something of a toddler's height behind the vehicle."

Caveat: Your family car should safeguard the dearest people of your life so don’t put their lives at risk by purchasing a mediocre vehicle as a means of transport. Remember, they are priceless.
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