Monday, December 10, 2007
Land Rover Celebrates Victory For The First Time

We are fed with lots of negative information about Land Rover failing to have the same amount of profit than what they had before. And then the Ford Motor Company decided to sell some of its shares for this brand together with another Premiere Automotive Group member Jaguar. Now, for more than several decades, the car brand has finally gone through producing many cars.

Land Rover celebrates victory for the first time in 59 years of being in the business when they finally produced the 200,000 sales barrier.

In November 2007, the noted global sales of the legendary 4x4 manufacturer reached 205,717 compared to last year's November adding up lots of numbers to its sales last month. After several months of being a non-profitable car maker, Land Rover is now celebrating the glory of their hard work. Several markets including Russia, China, France and Spain recorded their best ever November.

Phil Popham, Land Rover's Managing Director, said, "This is a significant milestone in Land Rover's history and puts us on a firm footing as we approach our 60th anniversary. This sales achievement has been driven by exciting new product with improved environmental performance. Confidence is high - we're firmly in the black with innovative new products that will continue Land Rover's sustainable development."

Land Rover handles a diesel V8 that delivers a 32% fuel improvement on the petrol version it replaced. This is maybe the reason why more buyers became so interested on buying the new revised car model. The Freelander 2 had become very interesting after they changed what’s under its hood.

Last year, Land Rover was noted to be committed on reducing the impact of environmental hazards and thus the company decided to give the new Land Rover the bold evolution featuring the latest and the most updated technology and lightweight materials.

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