Friday, December 14, 2007
Toyota's Lentz Congratulates Senate

The issue about CAFÉ standards has been in the air for so long that I think it is affecting the auto industry too much. The U.S. Senate is hard at work to create the legislation that will be fair to automakers and at the same time, be strict enough so that new vehicles will be more eco-friendly. With the increasing threat of global warming, the time to take action is at hand.

Japanese automaker Toyota is one of the automakers considered to be in the forefront of the battle against greenhouse gas emission thanks to its Prius. Recently, The Auto Channel reported that Toyota Motor Sales' president Jim Lentz congratulated the U.S. Senate on the passage of CAFÉ legislation. The statement reads:

"The U.S. Senate's action today is a clear signal to our entire industry that it's now time to move into overdrive to meet these ambitious new national standards. Toyota is wasting no time in our pursuit of 35 miles per gallon in 2020."

"Toyota congratulates the Senate for persevering to pass this CAFE legislation. This is a critically important vote for the auto industry and the nation."

"We at Toyota have long said that we want a CAFE bill passed this year that will provide the certainty of one national fuel economy program. The U.S. Senate has delivered, as their colleagues in the House of Representatives did last week. We thank all the Senators who provided leadership for today's historic vote on CAFE."

"The Senate action represents a major step in the right direction that will result in significant oil savings and reductions in CO2. It provides important new goals and targets for our entire industry to achieve. Toyota will strive to meet them. We look forward to the concurrence of the House of Representatives next week and to the President's signing it into law."

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