Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Toyota Tomorrow Project

Last year we are talking about Toyota becoming the world's largest automaker "next year". Well, that's today right, its 2008 and Toyota is closer to become the world's largest. And the automaker from the Orient has a plan which they call the Toyota Tomorrow Project.

According to Toyota president Katsuaki Watanabe: "The various activities designed to achieve sustainability as we envision it have been entitled the Toyota Tomorrow Project. The Toyota Tomorrow Project incorporates the sentiment of making every possible effort as a company to achieve the prosperous global society of tomorrow. In the name of this vision, we hope to further enhance our activities."

The company is also looking to capitalize on the growing auto markets around the world. "We are currently very much aware that the automobile industry has reached a turning point in many senses. For example, we must respond to the expansion of markets in countries with energy resources and exhibiting significant economic growth, such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, as well as to environmental and energy issues on a global scale, including moves to strengthen regulations, such as the recently passed Corporate Average Fuel Economy bill in the United States and planned new CO2 regulations in Europe."

Watanabe also pointed out the importance of quality improvement saying: "When responding to these changes in circumstances, we recognize that it will be extremely important to make individual decisions concerning those things that must be changed and those that must be kept the same. I am always saying that "without improving quality, Toyota cannot expect to grow", and I believe that quantitative growth is the result of improved quality. For this, we understand well that corporate management must achieve growth that maintains a balance between corporate activities and environmental preservation, as well as between volume and quality."

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